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Language code: sq-AL

Convert Albanian text to speech and download audio.

Albanian (sq-AL) is an Indo-European language spoken by approximately 7 million people, primarily in Albania and Kosovo. It is the official language of Albania and one of the official languages of Kosovo. Language has borrowed words from several other languages, including Greek, Slavic, and Turkish, reflecting the diverse cultural influences on the Albanian people over the centuries.

Pronunciation Features: Albanian presents a rich array of vowel and consonant sounds. The language has a set of 7 vowels, each with specific articulations. Additionally, its consonant inventory includes sounds that require precise tongue placements, like the voiceless dental fricative. Stress in Albanian often falls on the last syllable, making it distinctive in its rhythm and intonation.

Albanian has a wide range of consonants, including some that are not found in many other languages. These include the voiceless dental fricative (like "th" in "thin"), the voiced dental fricative (like "th" in "this"), and the palatal nasal (similar to the "ny" sound in "canyon").

Synthesis of Albanian: Converting text to speech for Albanian requires keen attention to its phonetic uniqueness. SpeechGen employs advanced artificial intelligence and neural network techniques to ensure the generated audio captures the authentic essence of the language. This ensures a natural flow, catering to various voicing needs, be it for learning, content creation, or entertainment.

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