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Bangla, also known as Bengali, is the official language of Bangladesh and the second most widely spoken language in India. It is a member of the Indo-Aryan language family and has over 250 million speakers globally. It is characterized by its use of nouns and verbs inflected for tense, aspect, mood, and voice, and has a rich literary tradition spanning over a thousand years.

Consonant Clusters. Bengali often combines consonants, known as conjunct consonants. These clusters change the pronunciation of the individual consonants. For instance, the combination of "ক" (ka) and "ষ" (ṣa) produces "ক্ষ" (kṣa).

Aspiration: Many consonants come in pairs: aspirated and non-aspirated. The difference between them is the strong burst of air that follows the aspirated consonants. For example, "প" (pa) is non-aspirated while "ফ" (pha) is aspirated.

Gutturals. This language contains guttural sounds that originate deep within the throat, such as "খ" (kha).

The pronunciation of Bangla is characterized by its unique phonetics and articulation. It possesses a set of uniacal sounds that give it distinction from other languages. The language's phonetic structure is deeply rooted in its script, making it vital for a synthesis tool to understand the nuances. We harness the power of advanced technologies to make this process as natural and accurate as possible.

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