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Language code: hr-HR

Transform written text into lifelike Croatian speech using SpeechGen's advanced technology. Experience seamless text-to-speech conversion for a range of applications.

Croatian (hr-HR) is a Slavic language spoken by approximately 5.5 million people. It is the official language of Croatia and has a rich cultural heritage, including a long literary tradition. this language has its own unique grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, and is written in the Latin script. The language has been influenced by its neighboring languages, including Slovenian, Serbian, and Hungarian, but has managed to maintain its distinctiveness.

Variants and Names. Croatian is written in the Latin script and is known as Hrvatski in its native form.

Grammar and Structure. Grammar employs cases and genders, similar to other Slavic languages. Noun declensions and verb conjugations contribute to its expressive sentence structure.

Phonetics and Articulation. The language features specific consonant combinations and nasal vowels. Accurate articulation of sounds such as "lj," "nj," and "dž" is essential for clarity.

Uniacal Sounds. Croatian script includes diacritics like the "č," "ć," "š," and "ž" symbols, indicating distinct sounds. Proper use of these marks ensures accurate pronunciation.

SpeechGen utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and neural networks for lifelike Croatian speech synthesis. From educational materials to audio content, SpeechGen offers versatile conversion.

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