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Turn text into spoken language effortlessly. Experience clear and natural Estonian voice synthesis with SpeechGen.

Estonian (et-EE) is the official language of Estonia. Known locally as "eesti keel", it belongs to the Finno-Ugric language family, sharing roots with Finnish but having distinct features of its own.

Pronunciation in Estonian has its nuances. The language employs a three-degree length system in phonemes, affecting both vowels and consonants. The grammar is agglutinative, stringing together various parts to convey complex meanings in single words. In terms of phonetics and articulation, Estonian stands out with its unique palatalized sounds and specific pitch accent patterns.

Three Degrees of Phonemic Length: Unlike many languages, Estonian has three distinctive lengths for phonemes, which can be applied to both vowels and consonants. These are:

  • Short (e.g., "lina" meaning "sheet")
  • Long (e.g., "liina" meaning "into the city")
  • Overlong (e.g., "linna" meaning "of the city")

This language has 9 vowels, and they can appear in both front and back pairs, except for "a" and "ä". Diphthongs are also common.

Unlike many European languages, Estonian does not have grammatical gender, which means pronunciation is not influenced by masculine, feminine, or neuter forms.

With SpeechGen, you can transform any written Estonian content into a synthesized voice output. Whether it's for voicing over videos, aiding in language learning, or any other application, our generator provides consistent and high-quality audio. Experience the seamless synthesis of voices and dive into the rich tapestry of Estonian speech; let's transform your text into captivating audible content together!


  • Belongs to the Finno-Ugric branch of the Uralic language family.
  • Countries: Estonia
  • 1.1 million people speak Estonian
  • There are 32 letters in the alphabet

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