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Language code: gl-ES

Converting Galician text to speech and download audio.

Galician (gl-ES) is a Romance language spoken by approximately 2.4 million people, primarily in Galicia in northwest Spain. Galego is closely related to Portuguese and has many similarities in terms of grammar and vocabulary. Despite historical attempts to suppress the use of Galician, it has experienced a resurgence in recent decades and is now taught in schools and used in the media.

Pronunciation Features. Galician pronunciation is characterized by its mellowness and softness. It includes specific phonemes like the voiced postalveolar fricative 'x' sound, adding a unique touch to its phonetics.

Phonetics and Articulation. Articulation involves a smooth transition between sounds, contributing to its melodious nature. Its phonetic inventory includes nasal vowels and consonants.

Uniacal Sounds. This language uses the tilde accent on vowels to mark nasalization, creating distinct nasal sounds that give the language its characteristic rhythm.

Our SpeechGen employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence and neural networks to generate natural Galician speech. This technology ensures accurate conversion from text to speech, making it useful for various applications.

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