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Ai indonesian voices

List of all indonesian voices. Based on artificial intelligence.

  • Ardi
  • Kusuma
  • Vangi
  • Harta
  • Gadis
  • Dzhu
  • Andika
  • Ryan ID
  • Jenny ID

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Convert written content into authentic Indonesian sound effortlessly. Experience clear and precise audio with our text-to-speech tool.

Indonesian, primarily spoken in Indonesia, is locally referred to as 'Bahasa Indonesia'. With its roots in the Malay language, it serves as the lingua franca of the vast archipelago. Indonesia, with its diverse culture, has united under this language, providing a sense of identity and unity.

Syllable Stress. Words typically place stress on the second-to-last syllable, giving the language a rhythmic flow.

Vowels and Their Soundsю There are six distinct vowel sounds, though only five vowel letters (a, e, i, o, u) are written. Specifically, the vowel 'e' has two variations: one like 'bed' and another like 'way'. Regional variations can sometimes affect this.

Consonant Clarity. Consonants in Indonesian are pronounced clearly, without the breathy or guttural sounds found in some other languages. For example, the 'r' in Indonesian is rolled, similar to Spanish.

Unique 'Ng' Pronunciation: The "ng" sound, reminiscent of the ending in "song", is distinctive to the language. It can also be found at the start of some words.

Dive into the world of voice synthesis and experience the seamless transformation of your Indonesian text into captivating speech! Whether for educational purposes or digital content creation, our tool assists in delivering top-notch Indonesian voicing solutions.


  • 200 million native speakers. 50 million use the language daily.
  • The Indonesian alphabet has 26 Latin letters.


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