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Language code: kk-KZ

Embrace cutting-edge synthesis for authentic Kazakh speech output.

Kazakh (kz-KZ or kk-KZ), a Turkic language spoken primarily in Kazakhstan, possesses several unique pronunciation features that distinguish it from other languages. Here are some of its noteworthy phonetic characteristics:

Consonant-rich. Kazakh has a set of consonants that might be unfamiliar to speakers of European languages. For instance, the language distinguishes between voiced and voiceless sounds, and it features specific sounds like the voiced uvular fricative [ʁ] and the voiceless uvular stop [q].

Vowel Harmony. Like other Turkic languages, Kazakh follows a pattern of vowel harmony. This means that vowels within a word harmonize to be either front or back. This phonological feature influences the pronunciation of suffixes and can determine the overall sound of words.

Stress Patterns. In Kazakh, stress is usually fixed on the last syllable of a word, which is a defining rhythmic characteristic of the language.

Affricates. The language has specific affricate sounds that combine a plosive and a fricative, such as "ч" [tʃ] as in "chay" (tea).

This is where SpeechGen comes into play. We harness the power of artificial intelligence and neural networks to ensure that the conversion of Kazakh text into speech is as natural as possible. Our system pays close attention to the nuances of grammar, specific features of pronunciation, and the overall rhythm of the language.


  • Countries: Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Mongolia and other countries.
  • Kazakh is spoken by 12 million people
  • There are more than 166 thousand words in the language dictionary

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