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Language code: km-KH

Khmer (km-KH) is the official language of Cambodia. It is a member of the Austroasiatic language family. This language is written with its own unique alphabet. It is About 16 million native speaks.

Khmer pronunciation varies from many Asian languages, showcasing distinct features that set it apart.

This language has specific pronunciation features, making speech synthesis for it a unique task. Phonetics and articulation play a crucial role in ensuring that synthetic voices sound natural and relatable to native speakers.

Consonant Inventory. Khmer boasts a rich inventory of consonants. It's significant to note that there are series of both voiced and voiceless consonants.

Register Complex. Khmer is one of the rare languages that use phonation to distinguish meaning. The language has two primary phonation types: modal voice (normal voice) and breathy voice. This feature is especially crucial in the distinction of certain minimal pairs.

Consonant Clusters. Words can begin with up to three consonants. For instance, the word for school, "សាលា" (saalaa), begins with two consonants.

SpeechGen understands these intricacies. With advanced technology, possibly involving artificial intelligence and neural networks, we ensure the conversion of text to speech respects Khmer's phonetics, grammar, and unique sounds. This ensures voices generated are not just robotic outputs but have a touch of authenticity.

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