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Language code: lv-LV

Start converting your text to clear Latvian speech today with SpeechGen's advanced synthesis. Experience natural voices and effortless text transformation into spoken words.

Latvian (lv-LV) is a Baltic language with its own set of unique pronunciation features and phonetic nuances. Recognizing the intricacies of Latvian pronunciation, grammar, and articulation is pivotal for any effective text-to-speech tool.

Latvian contains both short and long vowels, which can change the meaning of words. The language also presents specific diphthongs and consonant clusters that are integral to its phonetics. These features, combined with its unique intonation patterns, make Latvian distinct from many other languages.

Length Distinction. Sound length is essential in vowels and consonants. Both long and short versions of sounds exist, and their length can modify a word's meaning.

Vowels. This language features seven different vowel sounds. They can be either long or short. The vowel "ē" is unique and doesn't resemble any English sound closely.

Consonants. There are palatalized and non-palatalized types. Proper pronunciation is essential because palatalization can change meaning.

Softening. Symbols "š", "č", "ž", and "ņ" indicate milder sounds.

Stress. Typically, the first syllable in a word carries the stress.

Voicing in Latvian, especially with its unique sounds and articulation patterns, requires an advanced approach to synthesis. With SpeechGen, you're choosing a tool that respects and understands the intricacies of the Latvian language.


  • Official status: Latvia, EU, Baltic Assembly.
  • 2 million people speak Latvian.
  • There are 33 letters in the alphabet.
  • It is one of two Eastern Baltic languages (the former being Lithuanian).

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