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Language code: lt-LT

Lithuanian (lt-LT) is a Baltic language with its unique phonetics, grammar, and articulation. Unlike other languages, its pronunciation has distinct features which must be captured for a genuine audio experience.

The Lithuanian language has intricate tonal variations and specific sounds that aren’t common in many other languages. This makes synthesis a task that requires advanced technology to ensure precision and authenticity in voice output. The list of unique pronunciation features:

Diphthongs: There are several diphthongs, such as "ai", "ei", "ie", and "uo". Each diphthong is pronounced as a combination of its component sounds, and the exact pronunciation can vary based on the surrounding consonants and the position in the word.

Nasal Vowels: Though less common in modern standard Lithuanian, some dialects still preserve nasal vowels, reminiscent of its ancestral language, Proto-Baltic.

Pitch Accent: Lithuanian is one of the few European languages that has a pitch accent system. This means that the pitch or tone of a word can change its meaning. There are three types of pitch accents: rising, falling, and long falling.

SpeechGen meticulously considers all the intricate features of the Lithuanian language. Experience the finest synthesis, transforming your text into lifelike voices and clear speech. Let SpeechGen be your reliable tool for converting Lithuanian text into clear, authentic-sounding speech.<

Language facts

  • Official status: Lithuania, European Union.
  • East Baltic language (another such language is Latvian).
  • The alphabet consists of 32 letters.
  • Lithuanian has 45 consonant and 13 vowel phonemes.
  • 3 million native speakers.

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