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Language code: mk-MK

Convert Macedonian text to speech and download audio.

It is a Slavic language and a member of the Slavic language family. Macedonian uses the Cyrillic alphabet, which was introduced in the 1940s. Approximately 2 million people speak this language, primarily in North Macedonia.

Macedonian (mk-MK) stands as a distinctive linguistic entity, possessing its distinct phonetics, grammar, and rules of pronunciation. This tongue showcases particular attributes of vocalization.

Vowel Sound. This language features five distinct vowel sounds, encompassing both short and long variations. The length of these vowels serves a crucial role in distinguishing between words and conveying nuanced meanings.

Consonant Pronunciation: Consonants within Macedonian are typically pronounced phonetically, aligning with their written form. This characteristic enhances speech clarity. However, specific consonants such as "ќ," "љ," "ж," and "њ" exhibit unique pronunciation, setting them apart from other languages.

Stress Patterns: Stress placement follows a consistent pattern—falling on the second syllable of words. This rhythmic emphasis not only adds a musical quality to the language but also aids in accurate pronunciation.

The Macedonian language exhibits specific pronunciation features. It's characterized by a rich vowel system and various consonantal sounds. The importance of proper articulation and phonetics is paramount. It's not just about the words but how they are voiced.

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