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Language code: mt-MT

Maltese, known as "Il-Lingwa Maltija", is the official language of Malta. This language stands out because of its Semitic roots and the Latin script it uses. It's a mix of Arabic, Italian, and English influences.

The pronunciation of Maltese (mt-MT) has unique features. It has special Semitic sounds, like the 'q' in "qattus" (cat). The letter "għ", called "għajn", is a sound that comes from the throat. It's different from most European languages. Another letter, "h", can sometimes be silent, as in "deheb" (gold), or you can hear it, like in "ħobż" (bread).

Maltese words have both soft and hard sounds. For example, "b" is a hard sound, while "p" is its soft pair. The way you say a vowel can change a word's meaning. A short "e" in "kelb" means one dog, but a long "e" in "keleb" means many dogs. The stress or emphasis on parts of a word is also important. It can change the word's meaning.

SpeechGen understands these details of Maltese. It uses artificial intelligence to make sure the speech sounds real. The tool looks at the special sounds and the rhythm of the language. This makes sure the speech sounds like a real person speaking.

SpeechGen offers a Text-to-speech tool that knows the Maltese language well. This means your content will sound right and clear to listeners. Every language has small details that make it special. SpeechGen respects these details in Maltese.

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