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Language code: mn-MN

Mongolian is written with the Cyrillic alphabet, which was introduced in the 1940s. Approximately 5 million people speak this language, primarily in Mongolia (official language).

Mongolian (mn-MN) exhibits distinctive pronunciation features that contribute to its unique sound. These aspects play a pivotal role in differentiating Mongolian speech from other languages:

Vowel Harmony. This language employs vowel harmony, a phenomenon where vowels within a word share specific phonetic characteristics. This harmony ensures a consistent and harmonious flow of speech, enhancing the natural rhythm of the language.

Stress Patterns. Mongolian exhibits consistent stress patterns, where stress typically falls on the initial syllable of words. This pattern contributes to the rhythmic flow of the language. Our technology accurately places stress, ensuring natural and intelligible synthesized speech.

Consonant Pronunciation. Mongolian consonants are pronounced with distinct articulation patterns. Certain consonants, such as "х," "ц," and "ч," carry unique phonetic qualities.

SpeechGen accurately captures these nuances, ensuring that the synthesized speech retains the authenticity of Mongolian pronunciation. Our technology handles the distinctions in length and tone that give Mongolian its distinctive sound.

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