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Language code: pa-IN

Punjabi, with the language code pa-IN, is spoken widely in the Indian subcontinent, mainly in the Punjab regions of India and Pakistan. There are significant Punjabi-speaking communities around the globe due to migration. It's one of the most commonly used languages, having variations like Eastern and Western.

This language, native to the Indian subcontinent, is distinguished from many Indo-European languages by its tonal nature. That is to say, a word's meaning can shift based on the tonal pattern of its syllables. The language comes with three tones: High falling, Low rising, and Level.

The linguistic system of this tonal language incorporates a diverse array of sounds, which includes ten vowel phonemes, a number of nasalized vowels, and multiple diphthongs.

An interesting characteristic of the pronunciation is the application of retroflex and aspirated consonants. In the former, the speaker curls the tongue back in the mouth, and in the latter, consonants are articulated with a puff of air. It even distinguishes between aspirated and unaspirated variants of consonants, as demonstrated by /p/ and /ph/, /t/ and /th/, and others.

One must also note that the language's pronunciation may differ significantly across regions and communities. For instance, the variant spoken in India, known as Eastern, has Sanskrit influences and uses the Gurmukhi script. In contrast, the variant spoken in Pakistan, also referred to as Lahnda or Western, has Persian influences and employs the Shahmukhi script.

SpeechGen, leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, allows for the accurate synthesis of this unique language from text to speech. Users can insert or type in their text and let the platform generate the spoken words with high fidelity to the original Punjabi intonation and pronunciation.

The generator makes use of advanced neural network algorithms to deliver high-quality voice outputs, accommodating the intricate tone system, and unique articulation found in Punjabi. It's widely applicable for various tasks like creating voiceovers for videos, social media content, business presentations, and so much more.

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