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Language code: sr-RS

Serbian (sr-RS) is a Slavic language spoken by approximately 8 million people, primarily in Serbia, but also in neighboring countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Kosovo. Serbian uses both the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, with the latter being more commonly used in recent years. . Known for its rich history and unique pronunciation features, this language offers variants like Shtokavian, Torlakian, and Chakavian.

One distinct characteristic of Serbian is its phonetics. Its sound system comprises of both voiced and voiceless sounds. The pronunciation varies with the placement of accents on syllables.

Pitch Accent: Serbian has a pitch accent, which means that the tone or pitch of a word can play a role in differentiating meaning. There are four types of accents: short falling, short rising, long falling, and long rising. The placement and type of accent can change the meaning of a word.

Specific Consonant Sounds: Serbian has several consonant sounds not found in many other languages. For instance, the sound "č" as in "čaj" (tea) or "ć" as in "ćup" (mug) are specific to Serbian and some other Slavic languages.

SpeechGen uses advanced artificial intelligence techniques to ensure accurate conversion Serbian text to speech. This ensures the generated voice captures the essence and rhythm of speech.

Incorporating neural network technology, SpeechGen provides high-quality voice outputs. Whether you're looking to convert a simple sentence or an elaborate text, the synthesized voice remains natural and clear.

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