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Language code: si-LK

Convert Sinhala text to speech and download audio. TTS generator for Sri Lanka native speakers.

Sinhala is a Indo-Aryan language spoken by the Sinhalese people of Sri Lanka. It is 16 million native speakers. Sinhala has borrowed words from several other languages, including Sanskrit, Pali, and Tamil, reflecting the diverse cultural influences on the Sinhalese people over the centuries.

Consonant System. This language has sounds that are voiced and some that are not. Some sounds come out with a breath, while others don't. It's important to know these to pronounce words correctly. Vowels are also key. Some are short and some are long. The length can change the meaning of the word.

Nasal Sounds and Stress. In Sinhalese, you can hear nasal sounds in different parts of words. Some sounds mix a nasal with another sound. Some sounds are said twice in a row, and this can change word meaning. Usually, the second to last part of a word is said louder or stronger.

Unique Sounds. Sinhalese has sounds made by curling the tongue. Not many languages have these. The language also has many smooth and sliding sounds, which add to its special sound.

SpeechGen meticulously considers all the unique features of this Language. Unlock the potential of text-to-speech synthesis for Sinhalese content. With precise voice generation and seamless text transformation, SpeechGen offers an unparalleled platform for voicing your Sinhalese texts.

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