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Language code: su-ID

Sundanese (su-ID) is a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken by around 39 million individuals, mainly in the Sunda region of West Java, Indonesia. Ranking as the second-most widely spoken language in Indonesia, it boasts a unique phonetic system. Sundanese employs the Latin alphabet, supplemented with extra characters for distinct sounds.

Pronunciation in Sundanese is characterized by specific features that are vital for clear communication. Vowel length, for instance, plays a key role; varying the duration can change the word's meaning. The language also incorporates diphthongs, which are combinations of two vowel sounds within a single syllable. Mastering these is essential for correct articulation.

Another prominent feature is the allowance for consonant clusters, especially at word beginnings. It's common to find multiple consonants in a sequence without intervening vowels. Nasal sounds are also a defining trait, with some vowels and consonants pronounced allowing airflow through the nose. Moreover, word stress in Sundanese can modify the meaning of a word. It mostly falls on the penultimate syllable, though exceptions exist.

SpeechGen understands the unique features of the Sundanese language. Harness the power of advanced synthesis to convert your text into rich voices. Elevate your projects with precise speech transformation and let your content resonate with authenticity.

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