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List of all vietnamese voices. Based on artificial intelligence.

  • Dang
  • Long
  • NamMinh
  • Nguen
  • HoaiMy
  • Lien
  • Linh
  • Mon
  • An

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Language code: vi-VN

Vietnamese, coded as vi-VN, is primarily spoken in Vietnam, a Southeast Asian nation. This Indo-Chinese language stands out due to its tonal nature. Specifically, word meanings can change based on pitch contours. With six distinct tones: level, rising, falling then rising, falling, high rising, and low rising, mastering these tones is essential for understanding and being understood.

Another unique feature is its consonant system. Words often start with initial consonants which can be alone or in clusters. These consonants, combined with final ones, play a pivotal role in word differentiation. Mispronouncing these can lead to misunderstandings. For example, the initial clusters "tr" and "ph" are vital in words like "trời" (sky) and "phố" (street).

The language is also known for its rich vowel system. With 11 simple vowels, Vietnamese is quite melodic. The length of these vowels can further alter word meanings. Furthermore, the language is enriched with diphthongs and triphthongs, like in "gạo" (rice) and "nươi" (ten).

Nasality is another feature. Certain words have nasal vowels and consonants, resonating in the nasal passage. The word "mũi" (nose) showcases a nasal vowel, while "người" (person) offers a glimpse of a nasal consonant.

SpeechGen focuses on these core phonetic features, ensuring accurate Vietnamese text-to-speech conversion. Through advanced synthesis and artificial intelligence techniques, it provides authentic voice outputs, making the content appealing for various tasks without favoring any specific one.


  • Countries: Vietnam, USA, Cambodia, France, Australia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic.
  • 90 million native speakers.

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