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Language code: nl-BE

Dutch is one of the two official languages in Belgium. It is primarily spoken in the northern region of Flanders. Belgian Dutch (nl-BE) has its own accent and pronunciation, which can be different from Standard Netherlands. It also incorporates words from other languages, such as French and German.

Belgium Dutch, often referred to as Flemish, displays several unique pronunciation features that distinguish it from the Dutch spoken in the Netherlands. Here's a brief overview of some of these characteristics:

Softer G Sound: In most parts of the Netherlands, the 'g' is pronounced with a raspy, guttural sound, like clearing one's throat. However, in Belgium Dutch, especially in areas such as Antwerp and Limburg, this sound is much softer.

Different Intonation and Rhythm: The intonation and rhythm patterns in Flemish can sometimes feel more melodic than the more straightforward intonation of the Dutch in the Netherlands.

Diphthong Variations: Some diphthongs are pronounced differently in Flemish compared to Northern Dutch. For example, the Dutch "ij" sound can sound closer to "ei" in some Flemish dialects.

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