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  • Claudios
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  • Doutzen
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Language code: nl-NL

Convert Netherlandish Dutch text to speech and download audio.

Dutch (nl-NL), also known as Nederlands, is the main language of the Netherlands and Belgium. It's spoken in other regions like Suriname, Aruba, Curaçao, and parts of Indonesia.

The language stands out because of its unique sounds. The guttural 'g' is a sound made deep in the throat. This sound is common in the northern and western parts of the Netherlands. Vowels in Dutch can be short or long, and their length can change the meaning of words. For example, 'bed' means a place to sleep, while 'beed' is a prayer. Dutch also uses diphthongs, which are two vowel sounds in one syllable. Words like "huis" (house) and "boek" (book) have these sounds. The 'r' sound in Dutch is also special. In some places, it rolls like in Spanish. In others, it sounds deeper like in French. The 's' and 'z' sounds are sharp and clear.

SpeechGen knows these sounds of Dutch. It uses artificial intelligence to make sure the speech sounds real. The tool looks at the special sounds and the structure of the language. This makes the speech sound like a real person speaking.

Experience the finest synthesis of voices for your Dutch text. Transform your content with SpeechGen and bring your text to life with authentic Nederlands speech conversion. Join us and elevate your auditory experience!

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