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Language code: de-AT

Synthesis of speech in German with a Austrian accent.

The German language as spoken in Austria has some specific characteristics. One of the most notable differences is the pronunciation of the "r" sound, which is typically rolled or trilled in Austrian German. In addition, certain vowels may be pronounced with a more rounded or nasal quality, and certain consonants, such as "t" and "d," may be pronounced more emphatically.

Austrian German (de-AT) also includes some unique words and phrases that are not commonly used in other German-speaking countries. For example, the word "Semmel" is used in Austria to refer to a bread roll, whereas in Germany, the same item is typically called a "Brötchen." Similarly, the phrase "G'sundheit" is used in Austria as a response to someone sneezing, while in Germany, the more common phrase is "Gesundheit."

Approximately 97% of the population of Austria speaks German, with various regional dialects and accents present throughout the country.

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