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Indian Urdu (ur-IN) is a variant of the standard Urdu language, a member of the Indo-Aryan language family. Spoken by approximately 100 million people, Urdu's primary speakers are found in India and Pakistan. Its roots trace back to the Khari Boli dialect of Hindustani, with strong influences from Persian, Arabic, and Turkish. Unique in its form, Urdu employs the Perso-Arabic script, setting it apart with its distinct script, vocabulary, and grammar.

One distinguishing feature of Indian Urdu's pronunciation is the presence of aspirated consonants, such as 'ph' and 'kh', where sounds are produced with a noticeable burst of air. Another characteristic is the usage of retroflex consonants, which involve the tongue curling back to the roof of the mouth. This feature is especially evident in words like 'ٹھیک' and 'ڈال'.

Indian Urdu also showcases nasal sounds, where certain vowels and consonants exhibit a nasal quality. This is often highlighted by the nasal sign 'nun ghunnah'. Additionally, the language incorporates diphthongs, merging two vowel sounds within the same syllable, leading to combinations like 'au' and 'ai'.

Lastly, the way 'r' and 'l' are pronounced in Indian Urdu is particularly noteworthy. The 'r' sound is tapped against the roof of the mouth, while the 'l' sound requires the tongue to touch behind the upper front teeth. Together, these pronunciation features give Indian Urdu its unique and melodious tone. When employing SpeechGen for text to speech tasks in Indian Urdu, these intricate nuances are taken into account, ensuring accurate and fluent voice outputs.

SpeechGen understands the special details of Indian Urdu, making sure every spoken version of text sounds right in this language. Turn your text into clear voice that sounds just like the real language. Use SpeechGen to make your content sound better.

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