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Language code: ur-PK

The Urdu language, with a Pakistani accent, carries a unique musicality and rhythm. Native to Pakistan and one of its official languages.

Here are some pronunciation features of Urdu as it is spoken with a Pakistani accent:

Influence of Other Languages. Given Pakistan's multilingual society, Pakistani Urdu has influences from Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, and other regional languages. These influences can cause variations in pronunciation, vocabulary, and syntax, leading to a distinctive Pakistani accent.

Consonant Sounds. The Urdu language consists of various aspirated and unaspirated consonants, which can be dental, retroflex, or palatal in articulation. In the Pakistani accent, the retroflex consonants are pronounced with a curling of the tongue tip back in the mouth, which is not commonly found in the English language.

Vowel Sounds. This language is known for its unique system of vowel harmony, where the type of vowel in the primary syllable often affects the rest of the word's vowel sounds. With a Pakistani inflection, vowel duration and pronunciation might display some variation, capable of altering a word's meaning.

Stress Patterns. The usual tendency is to place stress on the final syllable of a word. Yet, the stress placement may occasionally shift when spoken with a Pakistani intonation, contingent upon the word's positioning within a sentence.

SpeechGen offers an advanced text to speech solution in Urdu that captures the essence of the Pakistani accent. Our advanced algorithm is built on a neural network that flawlessly transforms your text into a voice that sounds natural and real.

Our cutting-edge service goes beyond merely reading out your text. It makes every effort to capture the rhythm, intonation, and unique articulation characteristics of the Pakistani accent.

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