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Language code: fr-BE

Belgian French (fr-BE), known as Walloon French or Belgian Francien, is a dialect of French spoken mainly in Belgium. The pronunciation features are unique with a marked use of the 'w' sound, different intonation patterns, and local vocabulary.

Consonant Articulation: Some consonants can have a different sound. In this dialect, the 'g' sound is occasionally articulated as 'h', as heard in standard French.

Word Pronunciation: Specific terms can vary from the standard form of the language. For instance, the speakers from this region prefer 'septante' and 'nonante' for 70 and 90, contrasting the usual 'soixante-dix' and 'quatre-vingt-dix'. Such deviation is a prominent feature and aligns with Swiss usage of these terms.

Lexicon: This variant includes particular regional words and phrases not commonly present in the standard form. This aspect becomes particularly notable with words borrowed from other tongues like Dutch and Walloon, prevalent in the same geographical area.

SpeechGen enables you to convert text into speech in Belgian French. Our advanced artificial intelligence and neural network-based technologies ensure the voices produced sound natural and clear. Whether you're looking to voice over videos, enhance your business presentations, provide voice prompts for your apps, or simply entertain, SpeechGen has got you covered.

The process is simple: insert or type in your text, let the system synthesize the voice, and download your audio file.

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