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Language code: fr-CH

In Switzerland, a unique variant of French is spoken. This dialect, known as Swiss French (fr-CH), has its own distinct pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar rules, setting it apart from other French dialects. For those seeking a Swiss French text to speech conversion, SpeechGen is a great solution.

The variety of French known as "Romand" , spoken in the Romandy region of Switzerland, bears a lot of similarities to standard French, while also having a few distinctive characteristics.

One particular trait of this dialect is how the numbers 70 and 90 are pronounced. Unlike in France, where they are expressed as 'soixante-dix' and 'quatre-vingt-dix', in this region, they are referred to as 'septante' and 'nonante'. Additionally, the dialect incorporates some words that are unique to this region.

The Accent. The manner of speaking in Romand may resemble standard French, but with slight differences. Some speakers, for instance, might use a gentler 'j' and 'g' compared to the Parisian version. These minor variations result in a slightly altered accent that is generally understandable to speakers of other French variants.

Language Influence. Switzerland's multilingual nature has led to Romand being influenced by other languages spoken within the nation, such as German and Italian. This can be detected in the accent and in the incorporation of certain loanwords.

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