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Kids ai voices

Imagine transforming any text into the cheerful, lively voice of a child with just a few clicks. That's exactly what Child Text to Speech technology offers. The SpeechGen allows users to input text and convert it into audio using a child's voice, with options to adjust the speed and pitch for a more personalized touch.

Listen an examples

  1. Kevin plus 8-12 yo boy, EN-US. Crystal voice.
  2. Justin plus or standart Justin 7-11 yo boy, EN-US. Hoarse voice.
  3. Anny 4-8 yo girl, EN-US. Cute and ringing voice.
  4. Ivy plus or standart Ivy 7-11 yo girl, EN-US. Crisp, high voice.
  5. Emma plus 13-17 yo teenage girl, british accent EN-GB. Crisp, calm and composed voice.
  6. Maisie 4-8 yo girl, british accent EN-GB. Cheerful, high, bright voice.
  7. Carly 7-9 yo girl, australian accent EN-Au. Bright, energetic voice.
  8. Irene 6-10 yo girl, Spanish language. No-english.
  9. Gisela 5-8 yo girl, German language. No-english.

A simple guide how to convert Text to Childs Speech

Here are 10 creative ways to use child voices in your content:

  1. Animated Stories: Bring your animated characters to life with authentic child voices, making the stories more relatable to young audiences.
  2. Educational Videos: Use child voices for narrating educational content, making learning more engaging for kids.
  3. Mobile Apps for Children: Integrate child voiceovers in apps to guide and entertain kids in a friendly manner.
  4. YouTube Channels: Stand out by using child voices in your YouTube videos, especially those targeted at kids.
  5. Advertisements: Create compelling ads for children's products with a voice that speaks directly to them.
  6. Audio Books: Transform children's books into captivating audio stories with voices that young listeners can connect with.
  7. Interactive Games: Enhance the gaming experience for children with characters that speak in a child's voice.
  8. Virtual Assistants for Kids: Develop kid-friendly virtual assistants that communicate with child-like enthusiasm and clarity.
  9. Language Learning Tools: Make language learning fun by using child voices to teach new words and phrases.
  10. Podcasts for Kids: Start a podcast that caters to young listeners with engaging stories or educational content in child voices.

Using child voices in content can significantly increase its appeal to young audiences. It adds a layer of authenticity and fun, making the content more engaging and relatable. This approach can help capture the attention of children and hold it, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the message or story being conveyed.

Embracing TTS technology opens up a world of creativity and connection with young audiences. By choosing the right tone and pitch, you can create content that not only entertains but also educates and inspires.

Q&A: Child Text to Speech

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