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Transform Your PDFs into Audio with SpeechGen.io

Your PDF documents effortlessly transform into audible experiences through the innovative use of text-to-speech technology. Our platform offers a seamless way to convert your PDFs into audio, making it easier than ever to listen to documents, books, laws, and more. Here's how to get started and make the most of our service.

Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Upload Your PDF

To begin, click on the folder icon located in the toolbar. This will prompt you to select the PDF file you wish to convert. Once selected, upload your document. Our system will automatically load the content into the field, replacing any existing text.

Step 2: Review and Edit

Note that our system cannot convert text in images within your PDF. Tables will appear as they are, which might require some editing for optimal listening experience. We recommend adjusting or removing tables after upload for clarity.

Step 3: Choose Language and Voice

Select your preferred language and voice from our extensive library, supporting over 150 languages and dialects. Customize your listening experience by adjusting the default pauses between paragraphs and sentences.

Applications and Benefits

For Everyone

SpeechGen.io streamlines the process of converting PDFs into speech or mp3 formats, catering to the needs of students, professionals, and audiobook lovers.


Our service is designed to enhance accessibility, offering a PDF audio reader that turns text into speech. It's a tool for those who prefer auditory learning or have visual impairments.

Listen to Regulations with PDF to Audio Reader

Now you can listen to building codes, zoning laws, health and safety regulations, and other normative documents in audio format wherever you are. Save time and absorb information by ear.

TTS PDF Newsletters

Transform your PDF newsletters into convenient audio files with ease. Our platform offers a variety of features, allowing you to listen to your favorite newsletters read aloud or convert them into MP3 files for later. Stay informed and catch up on the latest news, updates, and articles wherever you are.

Explore More on SpeechGen.io

Looking to convert other document types? SpeechGen.io has you covered.

  • Word Documents. Not just PDFs, you can also convert your DOCX files into audible formats. Read more about Word document conversion.
  • Subtitles. For specialized needs, our subtitle voiceover page offers solutions for converting subtitles to audio.


At SpeechGen.io, we're committed to making information more accessible and enjoyable through the power of voice. Convert your PDFs into audio today and experience the convenience of listening to your documents, anytime, anywhere.

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