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Language code: ta-IN

Convert Tamil text to speech and download audio.

Indian Tamil (ta-IN) is a rich language predominantly spoken in the southern part of India, in the state of Tamil Nadu. The language has variants like Sri Lankan, but here we focus on the Indian dialect. With a history that spans thousands of years, its phonetics, grammar, and articulation are distinct.

Several pronunciation features make Indian Tamil unique. It consists of short and long vowels, differentiating meanings based on vowel length. The language's consonants can be soft or hard, often dictating the feel of a word. Additionally, its set of grantha letters, borrowed for non-native sounds, adds to its phonetic repertoire. Here are key pronunciation features of Indian Tamil:

Vowel Differences in Length. This language has both short and long vowels. Their length can alter word meanings. For example, 'kaḷ' means stone and 'kaḷḷ' means thief, with the only difference being the vowel length.

No Aspiration Distinction. Many languages differentiate between aspirated and non-aspirated consonants. However, in this language, there's no such distinction. So, 'p' and 'ph' sound identical.

Unique Retroflex Consonants. Dravidian languages have specific sounds called retroflex consonants. To produce these, the tongue curls to touch the mouth's roof. Examples include 'ṭ' and 'ḍ'.

SpeechGen understands the unique features of the Indian Tamil language. Use our platform for seamless text-to-speech conversion. Transform your text into clear synthesized speech and hear the voices that honor the depth and nuances of the language. Try it now and let your content speak for itself.

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