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Language code: ta-SG

Experience the unique flavor of Singaporean Tamil (ta-SG) transformed from text to voice with SpeechGen. Known for its particular accent and pronunciation, this variant of Tamil is widely spoken amongst the Tamil-speaking communities in Singapore.

Here are some key features:

Vowel Sounds: The variety of this language spoken in Singapore includes a system of 12 vowels, comprising of 5 short and 7 long vowels. The utterance of these vowels can subtly alter depending on the context of neighboring sounds and linguistic influences of English, Malay, Mandarin, among other languages prevalent in Singapore.

Word Stress: As a rule, this language tends to accentuate the first syllable of a word. Nevertheless, this convention may deviate in the Singaporean version, more so in the context of words that are borrowed or shaped by other languages.

Code-Switching: A conspicuous characteristic of the Singaporean variety is the impact of code-switching. This phenomenon occurs when an individual alternates between two or more languages within a single conversation, or even within a single sentence. This practice can influence the utterance of words and introduce an English, Malay, or Mandarin accent to them.

Our tool ensures that the transformation of written text into audio embodies these distinct qualities. This allows you to immerse in the cultural nuances carried by the Singaporean Tamil accent.

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