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Language code: ta-LK

Language and its Specifics: Tamil (ta-LK) is a Dravidian language predominantly spoken in India and Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Tamil, a distinct dialect, differs somewhat from Indian Tamil in terms of phonetics and vocabulary.

Pronunciation: This dialect has a rich array of consonants, including plosives, nasals, liquids, fricatives, and approximants. In the Sri Lankan Tamil dialect, the voiceless plosives /p/, /t/, /k/ and voiced plosives /b/, /d/, /g/ are pronounced without.

Vowel Sounds: The dialect native to Sri Lanka consists of a spectrum of ten vowels, five short and five long. Depending on the surrounding phonetic environment, the articulation of these vowels can vary. Certain vowel sounds, quite common in the version spoken in India, might not be found in this Sri Lankan dialect.

Retroflex Approximant: A distinctive aspect of this variant is the use of the retroflex approximant /ɻ/, a sound not present in a multitude of languages. It is articulated by curling the tongue upwards towards the hard palate.

Word Stress: A constant emphasis on the initial syllable of words is a key characteristic of this Sri Lankan linguistic variation, making it stand apart from its Indian counterpart.

Influence of Sinhalese: Given the Sinhalese language's majority status in Sri Lanka, its impact on the local dialect is inevitable, with evident phonetic alterations and incorporation of loanwords.

Synthesis Process. Converting text to speech in this dialect involves accurate representation of these unique phonetic features. With the advancement of artificial intelligence and neural networks, this process has been significantly improved to generate voices that resemble native speakers.

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