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Language code: az-AZ

Experience clear and natural voicing with the Azerbaijani language conversion tool on SpeechGen.

Azerbaijani is a Turkic language that is spoken primarily in Azerbaijan, as well as in parts of Iran, Russia, and Georgia. It is the official language of Azerbaijan, 22 million speakers worldwide. Langage code: az-AZ.

Pronunciation in Azerbaijani has certain nuances. Voicing nuances, specific articulation points, and particular uniacal sounds characterize its phonetics. When understanding its grammar, it's clear the language has evolved, bearing the influence of Persian, Arabic, and Russian due to historical interactions.

One of the most distinctive features of Azerbaijani is its sound system, which includes a wide range of unique vowel and consonant sounds. The language is also notable for its use of the Azerbaijani alphabet, which is a variant of the Latin script.

Affricates and Fricatives. The language contains a range of affricates (like 'ç', which is pronounced as 'ch' in 'chocolate') and fricatives (like 'ş', which is pronounced as 'sh' in 'shoe').

Absence of "w" sound. Unlike English, Azerbaijani lacks the "w" sound, which is typically replaced by the "v" sound.

Soft and Hard Consonants. The language distinguishes between soft and hard consonants. The softness or hardness of a consonant can change the meaning of words. For example, "sarı" means yellow, but "sarü" means pale.

Discover the capabilities of SpeechGen as it brings the vibrant tones and sounds of Azerbaijani to life, providing an unmatched auditory experience.

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