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Language code: cs-CZ

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The Czech language, denoted by the code cs-CZ, is a unique and intricate tongue primarily spoken in the Czech Republic. It stands out with its specific pronunciation features and distinct grammar. Variants of its name include 'český jazyk' or simply 'čeština'.

When it comes to speech synthesis in Czech, phonetics play a crucial role. The language boasts a rich array of uniacal sounds that require precise voicing. Unlike some languages, Czech has particular articulation nuances that make it uniquely challenging for text to speech conversion. Here are some of its most salient phonetic characteristics:

Consonant Clusters. This language has long consonant sequences without vowels. For instance, "strč prst skrz krk" translates to "stick a finger through the throat" and lacks vowels.

Voiceless Vowels. A unique feature of Czech pronunciation is its voiceless vowels. Vowels can become devoiced when surrounded by voiceless consonants. In the word "teplo" (meaning warmth), the 'e' might not have a voice.

No Articles. The language lacks definite or indefinite articles, unlike English's 'the' or 'a'. Thus, how words are said is vital for clarity and meaning.

Ř Sound: The "ř" sound can be challenging for those unfamiliar. It resembles a mix of a trilled 'r' and the 'zh' sound, as in the 'su' in "measure."

SpeechGen incorporates advanced artificial intelligence and neural network technologies to ensure accurate voicing. This synthesis not only captures the grammar but also emphasizes the distinct phonetics of the Czech language.


  • One of the Slavic languages.
  • Official status: Czech Republic, European Union, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovakia.
  • 11 million native speakers.
  • Slovak is the closest relative of this language.

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