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Language code: el-GR

Experience seamless text-to-speech conversion and lifelike voices, perfect for a wide range of applications.

Language Overview. Greek (el-GR), a language with deep historical roots, is primarily spoken in Greece and Cyprus. It holds significance in academia, culture, and daily life.

Variants and Names. This language is known as Ελληνικά (Elliniká) in its native form. It's also referred to as Ελληνική γλώσσα (Ellinikí glóssa) and Modern Greek to distinguish it from ancient forms.

Pronunciation Features. Pronunciation has distinctive sounds such as the rolled "r" and the vowel sounds like /i/ and /e/. Accurate pronunciation of consonant clusters is essential for clear speech.

Grammar and Structure. Greek grammar involves rich inflection and flexible word order. Noun cases, verb conjugations, and articles play pivotal roles in constructing sentences.

Phonetics and Articulation. Articulation demands attention to details like aspirated consonants, which can affect word meaning. Correcting stress and intonation ensures effective communication.

Uniacal Sounds. This language utilizes diacritics like the tonos (acute accent) and diaeresis to indicate stress and vowel pronunciation. These marks contribute to accurate phonetic representation.

Immerse yourself in the capabilities of SpeechGen as you effortlessly transform written Greek text into expressive speech. Enhance your projects with high-quality Greek speech synthesis, making your content accessible and impactful.


  • Countries: Greece, Cyprus, Abkhazia, Australia, Albania, Armenia, Great Britain, Germany, Georgia, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, Russia, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Sweden.
  • Official status: Greece, Cyprus, European Union.
  • It is one of the languages of the Indo-European language family.
  • 14 million Greek speakers worldwide
  • 24 letters in the alphabet

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