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Ai hindi voices

List of all hindi voices. Indian voices based on artificial intelligence.

  • Chandr
  • Mahavir
  • Ratna
  • Vimala
  • Madhur
  • Swara
  • Hemant
  • Kalpana
  • Ryan IN
  • Jenny IN

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Language code: hi-IN

Effortlessly convert Hindi texts into clear and lifelike voices with advanced AI text-to-speech technology.

The pronunciation features of Hindi include aspirated sounds that are pronounced with a breath of air, like 'kha' and 'tha'. Tonal nuances and stresses play a crucial role, and the articulation of certain consonants is especially significant. Hindi phonetics also focus on nasal sounds and a variety of unique consonants.

Diphthongs. This language has combinations of vowels in a single syllable that make a unique sound, like 'ai' in 'ऐ' and 'au' in 'औ'.

Conjunct Consonants: Sometimes, two or more consonants combine to form a single sound, represented by ligatures in writing, such as 'क्ष' in 'लक्ष्मी'.

Unlike some Asian languages, Hindi is not tonal, meaning pitch doesn't differentiate word meaning.

Unlock Hindi with cutting-edge synthesis, transforming your text into rich voices and authentic speech!


  • Countries: India, Pakistan and Fiji.
  • Hindi is the mother tongue of 500 million people.
  • 200 million use it as a second language.
  • The Hindi script is a Devanagari syllabary.
  • Is an Indo-Aryan language
  • A large number of words in other languages in the world are of Indian origin.

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