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Converting Irish text to speech and download audio.

Irish (ga-IE), also known as Gaelic, is a Celtic language spoken by approximately 1.7 million people, primarily in Ireland. Gaelic has its own unique grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, and is an important part of Irish cultural identity.

The pronunciation features of Gaelic are characterized by several unique aspects:

1. Slender and Broad Consonants. This language distinguishes between slender and broad consonants, which affect the pronunciation of nearby vowels. Slender consonants are palatalized, producing a different sound when compared to their broad counterparts.

Vowel System. Gaelic has a system of slender and broad vowels, each with its own distinct quality. Vowels are often influenced by adjacent consonants and can change their pronunciation accordingly.

Aspiration is a crucial feature in Irish pronunciation. Some consonants, like 'p', 't', and 'c', can be pronounced with a slight breath of air, altering their sound. This aspiration adds a rhythmic flow to the language.

SpeechGen employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence and neural networks for natural Irish Gaelic speech synthesis. Whether for educational materials, voice assistants, or audio content, SpeechGen enables versatile and high-quality conversion from text to speech.

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