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  • Osman
  • Yasmin
  • Rizwan

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Language code: ms-MY

Bahasa Melayu, often called Malay, is the main language of Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. It has deep roots and many influences. This language stands out because of its unique way of speaking and sounds.

Malay has six basic vowels. These vowels have a clear and consistent sound. There are also special combined vowel sounds called diphthongs, like "ai" in "pulai". The consonants in Malay might sound familiar, but some, like 'c', are pronounced differently, sounding like 'ch' in English.

One key feature is that it's not a tonal language. This means words don't change meaning based on how high or low your voice is. When speaking, the emphasis is usually on the second to last part of a word. But there are exceptions, especially with words borrowed from other languages.

Words in Malay have a rhythm. Each part of the word gets about the same time when spoken. If a word ends with a consonant, like the 'k' in "buk", it's softer than in English. Many words in Malay come from other languages like Arabic and Dutch. But these words are spoken in a Malay way.

SpeechGen uses technology to understand these details of the language. It makes sure the speech sounds real and clear. With the help of artificial intelligence, SpeechGen captures the unique patterns of the language. Experience the cutting-edge synthesis of voices with SpeechGen, transforming your Malay text into vibrant speech like never before!

Every language is special because of its small details. With SpeechGen, these details are known and respected. This makes your content sound real to listeners.


  • Countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, East Timor.
  • This is an Austronesian language.
  • 250 million native speakers.
  • The Latin alphabet is used. 26 letters.

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