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Language code: ne-NP

Nepali, sometimes referred to as Nepalese or Gorkhali, is the main language of Nepal. It's also spoken in parts of India, Bhutan, and Myanmar. This language uses the Devanagari script and has a deep cultural significance.

One of the standout features of Nepali is its consonants. The language has pairs that are either aspirated or non-aspirated. For example, there's a difference between "kha" (ख) with a breathy sound and "ka" (क) without it. Another important aspect is the length of vowels. In Nepali, how long you say a vowel can change a word's meaning. Short and long vowels, like in "फल" (phal) for fruit and "फाल" (phaal) for a division, are distinct. The language also has nasal sounds, where the sound comes out through the nose, as in "अंश" (aṁśa).

SpeechGen understands Nepali's unique sounds and rhythms. Using artificial intelligence, it captures the language's specific tones and structures. This ensures the speech sounds natural. With SpeechGen, the voices generated mirror how a real person would speak in Nepali.

Today, tools that turn text into speech are very useful. They help in many areas. SpeechGen offers a tool that knows Nepali well. This means the words will sound right and clear. Every language has its own special details. SpeechGen respects these details, making sure the content sounds natural to listeners.

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