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Ai powered romanian voices. Listen to all the examples.

  • Emil
  • Alina
  • Dorin
  • Andrei
  • Anisa
  • Carmen

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Language code: ro-RO

Generate romanian speech from text online. Neural networks speak like locals.

Romanian, spoken primarily in Romania and Moldova, stands out with its Latin roots amidst Eastern European neighbors. Recognized for its rhythmic phonetics and particular articulation, it holds a unique charm. SpeechGen values this uniqueness in providing text to speech services for Romanian.

The language features a set of specific phonetic attributes, from vowel combinations to unique consonants. Romanian grammar, with its definite and indefinite articles and declensions, influences the flow and intonation of spoken sentences. Such features dictate the way text is transformed into speech.

4 simple steps for creating Romanian text-to-speech

  1. Get your Romanian text ready. Input it directly or paste it into the SpeechGen voice generator.
  2. Select the Romanian AI voice. Browse through various voice options and pick the one you prefer.
  3. Press "Generate" to transform text to speech and obtain your Romanian audio. The online AI Voice Generator operates at a rapid speed. You can now download the Romanian audio file in mp3 format.


  • Romanian alphabet: 31 letters, 46 phonemes (7 vowels, 4 semivowels, 35 consonants).
  • Official status in Romania and Moldova
  • 25 million native speakers
  • Indo-European language. Included in the Balkan-Romance subgroup of Romance languages.
  • Lexical similarity with Italian by 77%

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