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Ai powered turkish tts voices. Listen to all the examples.

  • Ahmet
  • Bahadir
  • Emel
  • Erkanyavas
  • Erdogan
  • Seda
  • Silaerkan
  • Chilek
  • Abby
  • Deniz

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Language code: tr-TR

Turkish, represented by the code tr-TR, is a captivating language spoken mainly in Turkey. This language, rich in history, finds its roots in the Turkic language family.

Being a phonetic language, every letter in Turkish corresponds to one sound, making its pronunciation predictable. A hallmark feature of Turkish pronunciation is its vowel harmony. Within a word, vowels harmonize based on their front or back quality, as well as their roundedness. This harmony affects the formation of words and the addition of suffixes.

Another key aspect of Turkish is its clear articulation. Each sound has its dedicated letter, ensuring consistency in speech. However, some consonants have unique pronunciations. For example, 'c' in Turkish sounds like the English 'j', and 'ç' is akin to the English 'ch'.

Word stress in Turkish often falls on the final syllable, though exceptions exist. It's crucial to place stress accurately as it enhances word clarity. Moreover, the length of vowels in Turkish holds significance. Subtle changes in vowel duration can alter word meanings entirely.

SpeechGen ensures that the distinct pronunciation features of Turkish are catered to, providing users with a reliable text to speech conversion. Leveraging advanced technologies like neural networks, SpeechGen crafts a seamless experience for those wanting to generate Turkish speech from text.

Facts about language

  • Countries: Turkey, Cyprus, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia.
  • 77 million people speak Turkish
  • Belongs to the southwestern subgroup of the Turkic languages
  • The basis of the dialect is Istanbul
  • The most common and universal word in Turkish is güzel (delicious, good, beautiful)
  • Turkish has 21 consonants and 8 vowels.

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