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Language code: yue-CN

Cantonese Chinese, often referred to as Yue, is known for its complex and distinctive system of pronunciation. One of the major regional languages in China, it's primarily spoken in the Guangdong Province, as well as significant communities in Hong Kong, Macau, and overseas diasporas.

Yue distinguishes itself with intricate sound patterns, layered tonal arrangement, and specific grammatical constructs. It employs six to seven tones, compared to Mandarin's four, adding to its rhythmic and expressive nature.

At SpeechGen, we target context-specific and accurate voicing, observing the nuances of Yue sound patterns. Our advanced technology focuses on managing tonal changes, silent consonants, and the subtle articulation distinctive to this dialect.

Another notable aspect is its extensive sound inventory. Yue encompasses a wide variety of vowel and consonant sounds. It notably retains several terminal consonants or "endings" - /p/, /t/, /k/, and /m/, /n/, /ŋ/ - which have faded in numerous other dialects from China.

Furthermore, it includes more initial consonants than Mandarin, resulting in a diverse sonic character. Certain initial consonants, like the non-aspirated stops /p/, /t/, /k/, and the affricates /ts/, are particularly crucial.

Additionally, Yue prominently features nasal sounds. Both nasal beginnings and endings are prevalent, enhancing its unique phonetic complexity. This trait is most visible in nasal vowels and the regular appearance of nasals at the end of syllables.

SpeechGen, backed by innovative AI techniques and neural networks, faithfully generates natural and smooth voiceovers. It accurately differentiates homophones, applies the right tones, and adheres to the grammatical norms of Yue, making it a standout in the field of speech synthesis.

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