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Language code: zh-CN-sichuan

Chinese Southwestern Mandarin (zh-CN-sichuan) is a widely spoken language, primarily used in the Southwestern region of China, including the vibrant province of Sichuan. This language, with its distinctive features and unique pronunciation, enhances the linguistic landscape of the country.

This dialect differs from the Standard Chinese mainly through its tonal properties. Instead of the usual four tones, it can possess up to five tones, influenced by the local languages. This characteristic significantly contributes to its unique auditory nuances.

The initial sounds in this linguistic variant span a wide array, incorporating both aspirated and unaspirated stops. Along with a diverse vowel system, which includes monophthongs, diphthongs, and occasionally, nasalized vowels, these features lend the dialect its rich and expressive phonetic complexity.

The pronunciation of certain consonants and vowels often changes in this dialect, and the tones of some words are altered, infusing the language with a unique accent and rhythm that distinguishes it from other variants.

The "entering tone," characterized by syllables ending in a stop consonant (p, t, or k), is another distinctive element. This characteristic, which traces back to Middle Chinese, has disappeared from most Mandarin dialects, but remains present in the Southwestern region's language.

Our service, SpeechGen, acknowledges these unique attributes and incorporates them into the text-to-voice conversion process. From delivering precise tonality to accurately pronouncing complex phonetics, the platform ensures the Southwestern Mandarin's linguistic integrity is preserved.

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