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Language code: zh-CN-henan

SpeechGen supports the Zhongyuan Mandarin Henan dialect (zh-CN-henan), a prevalent linguistic variant mostly found in the central plain (Zhongyuan) area, including the Henan Province of China. Known alternatively as Henanese, the language is a variant of Mandarin and a key member of the Sinitic language family.

This dialect, also referred to as a particular variant, is a version of Mandarin and an integral part of the Sinitic language group.

This Mandarin variant possesses unique phonetic traits. Its tonal system is complex, enhancing the auditory richness of the speech. Like other Mandarin forms, this central plains dialect has four tones. However, these tones' realization can have slight variations depending on geographical location and individual speakers.

Our platform prioritizes the preservation of these characteristics in a text-to-speech context. The emphasis of SpeechGen is on accurate tone reproduction, proper pronunciation retention, and handling the distinctive articulation patterns of the specific dialect from the central plains region.

The dialect includes a variety of initial consonant sounds, comprising unaspirated stops (like /p/, /t/, /k/) and aspirated stops (like /pʰ/, /tʰ/, /kʰ/). This Mandarin variant has also retained some final consonants, especially nasal ones like /n/ and /ŋ/.

SpeechGen leverages advanced artificial intelligence techniques to keep the linguistic subtleties of this specific dialect intact. The system considers the context to differentiate homophones, applies the accurate tonal variations, and abides by the syntax rules of the specific dialect from the East Asian region.

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