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Language code: zh-CN-liaoning

SpeechGen supports Northeastern Mandarin Liaoning, a variant of the Chinese language, chiefly spoken in the Liaoning province of northeastern China. This linguistic variation brings its unique phonetic and grammatical attributes, enriching the linguistic landscape.

The Liaoning dialect, a specific branch of Mandarin, is distinguished by its unique phonetic characteristics. This form of speech, with its unique tonal system, pronunciation rules, phonetics, and specific articulation patterns, radiates expressiveness and vibrancy.

This Mandarin dialect boasts a wide array of initial consonant sounds, featuring both unaspirated stops (like /p/, /t/, /k/) and aspirated stops (such as /pʰ/, /tʰ/, /kʰ/).

The vocal system of the Liaoning variant is comprehensive, encompassing an assortment of monophthongs, diphthongs, and in certain instances, nasalized vowels.

With the commitment to safeguard these linguistic subtleties during text-to-speech conversion, SpeechGen concentrates on accurate delivery of tones, maintaining correct pronunciation, and dealing with unique articulation patterns inherent to the Liaoning dialect.

Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, our platform ensures the preservation of the linguistic complexities inherent in the Liaoning variant. The system evaluates the context to differentiate homophones, implements correct tonal changes, and follows the syntactic norms of this particular dialect.

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