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Language code: yue-HK

Traditional Hong Kong Chinese, denoted by the language code yue-HK, is a regional variant of Cantonese primarily used in Hong Kong. This unique dialect is steeped in rich traditions, offering an exclusive mix of cultural and linguistic features.

This dialect comprises six tones, unlike the four in Mandarin, making it more expressive. Each tone can differentiate the meaning of words that otherwise look identical when written, providing the dialect with a complex yet intriguing tonal system.

In terms of consonants and vowels, the yue-HK dialect incorporates a comprehensive system. This system includes stops, affricates, nasals, and approximants in consonants, and monophthongs and diphthongs in vowels. Such a rich phonetic inventory enhances the expressiveness of the language.

This Cantonese variant also retains traditional Chinese characters in written form, unlike Simplified Chinese used in Mainland China. Such features add to its distinctiveness and charm.

Syllable Structure: The syllable structure of Traditional Hong Kong Chinese is generally more complicated than Mandarin. It typically includes an optional initial consonant, a vowel (monophthong or diphthong), and an optional final element which can be a vowel, a nasal consonant, or a stop consonant.

SpeechGen ensures that these unique characteristics are well-preserved in the conversion from text to voice. By employing sophisticated artificial intelligence, the synthesizer generates voices that are not only natural-sounding but also accurately representative of the yue-HK dialect.

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