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Language code: zh-CN-shandong

Chinese Jilu Mandarin, identified by the language code zh-CN-shandong, is a variant of the Chinese language, primarily spoken in the eastern part of the North China Plain. This linguistic variant is often referred to as the Shandong dialect, a vibrant and expressive tongue with unique phonetic and grammatical attributes.

Its tonal system encompasses the usual four tones seen in many Chinese dialects, but with local variations in tonal value and contour, lending it a unique auditory character.

When it comes to consonants, the dialect includes a broad selection of initial sounds, such as both unaspirated and aspirated stops, which contribute to its expressiveness and complexity.

This Shandong dialect also boasts a comprehensive vowel system. It incorporates a range of monophthongs and diphthongs and, in certain instances, nasalized vowels. These diverse vowel sounds add further richness to its phonetic landscape.

Retroflex sounds (/ɻ/, /ʐ/, /ʈʂ/, and /tʂʰ/), a distinctive feature of many Chinese dialects, are also present in this Shandong tongue, albeit with slight variations. These sounds, combined with the unique tonal system, play a crucial role in its unique auditory characteristic.

Given these unique features, our platform is designed to faithfully reproduce the unique sounds and tones of this eastern Chinese dialect in its text-to-voice conversion process.

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