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  • Rudra
  • Advit
  • Heera
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Language code: en-IN

Generate English speech from text with a Indian Accent.

Indian English is a variety of English that is influenced by British, as well as by the many languages and cultures of India.

Here's a breakdown of some pronunciation features commonly associated with the Indian English accent:

One characteristic is the use of Indian idioms and expressions in sentences.

Influence of Local Languages. Given the vast linguistic diversity in India, the English accent can vary widely depending on the speaker's native language, whether it's Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, or any of the other regional languages.

Absence of Aspiration Distinction. In Indian English, there might be less of a distinction between aspirated and non-aspirated sounds. For example, "pin" and "bin" might sound quite similar.

Syllable-timed Rhythm. While many English accents are stress-timed (where the rhythm is based on stressed syllables), Indian English often exhibits a syllable-timed rhythm. This means each syllable tends to get equal time, leading to a unique cadence.

The "th" sounds (/θ/ and /ð/), as in "think" and "that", might be pronounced as "t" or "d" respectively. For instance, "thing" might sound more like "ting."

There are approximately 125 million English speakers in India, which represents about 10% of the population. English is used primarily as a second language, with many Indians learning it in school or as part of their higher education.

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