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Complete list of english voices for tts. Based on neural network.

  • Matthew
  • Matthew plus
  • Christopher
  • Angel
  • Cora
  • Sara
  • Arnold
  • Danielle plus
  • Avery
  • Ryan EN

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Language code: en-US

The accent commonly referred to as General American or Standard American is unique. Distinguished not only by its pronunciation but also by its grammar and phonetics, it stands out from other global English accents. Here are several distinguishing features:

Flap T: In this accent, the "t" sound can be pronounced as a quick "d" when it's between two vowel sounds, as in the word "water."

Rhoticity: The accent is rhotic, meaning the "r" sound is pronounced at the end of words or before a consonant, like in "car" or "hard." This contrasts with many British accents where the "r" at the end of words is often silent.

Vowel Sounds. There are certain vowel shifts in American English. For instance, the vowel in words like "cat" is more open than in many other accents. Similarly, words like "cot" and "caught" are pronounced the same in many American regions, a phenomenon known as the cot-caught merger.

/æ/ Tensing: In words such as "man" or "cat," many speakers use a tenser /æ/ compared to those from other accents.

"Ah" Sound for "o": In words like "pot" or "cot," the vowel often sounds closer to "ah" than "o."

L-Vocalization: In some accents, especially in the mid-Atlantic region, the "l" sound at the end of words might have a vocalized quality. For example, "bottle" might sound more like "bottow."

With SpeechGen, you can leverage advanced artificial intelligence and neural networks to convert your text into speech in this specific accent. Whether it's for business, entertainment, social networking, or any other application, the conversion retains the natural tonality and rhythm of an authentic North American speaker. This synthesis process ensures high-quality voice outputs, making it suitable for various applications.

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