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Language code: en-IE

TTS Irish Accent. Generate English Speech from Text with a Irish accent.

Irish English is a variety of English that is influenced by Irish Gaelic, as well as by British and American language.

The unique dialect used in Ireland is called Hiberno-English. About 98% of the population, or roughly 4.9 million people, speak this language in the country.

English spoken with an Irish accent, coded as en-IE, carries a distinct rhythm and tone. Ireland, with its rich linguistic history, showcases this unique version of language.

Here are some of the more notable characteristics.

Intonation and Rhythm: This accent has a unique musical lilt, especially noticeable in the pitch changes at the end of sentences or phrases.

Th Sounds: Many speakers replace the English "th" sounds (/θ/ and /ð/) with "t" or "d". For example, "three" can sound like "tree" and "this" as "dis."

Terminal "T" Sound: The ending "t" sound in words tends to be sharp and distinct.

Influence from the Native Language: Bilingual individuals, fluent in both the local and English languages, might have distinct phonetics and intonations influenced by their native tongue.

With SpeechGen, you can seamlessly synthesize text into an English voice with that recognizable Irish touch. Our technology, built on advanced neural networks and artificial intelligence, ensures a natural sounding voice. Whether for narration, announcements, or personal projects, the synthesis provides you with a genuine Irish accent. Voices in our generator are designed to capture the essence of real human speech.

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