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  • Amy
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  • Brian
  • Brian plus
  • Alfie
  • Maisie
  • Sonia
  • Ryan
  • Olivia
  • Emma

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Language code: en-GB

Convert text to english speech with british accent generator. Insert your text and press button. Voices sound like real Brits.

Looking for authentic British English voiceovers for your content? You're at the right place. The English language, especially with its British accent, is spoken predominantly in the United Kingdom and has distinct phonetic and grammatical features setting it apart.

The British English (en-GB) is a broad term that encompasses a variety of regional accents within the UK. When people talk about the "British accent", they usually mean "Received Pronunciation" (RP). This is also called the "Queen's English" or "BBC English". Here are some pronunciation features of this accent:

Non-Rhoticity. One of the defining characteristics of many British accents, including RP, is non-rhoticity. This means that the "r" at the end of words isn't pronounced. For instance, 'car' might sound like 'cah'.

Vowel Length. There are distinct long and short vowels in RP. For example, the vowel sound in 'beat' is long, while in 'bit' it is short.

Diphthongs. RP has several diphthongs, which are combinations of two vowel sounds within the same syllable. Examples include the sound 'aɪ' in 'time' or 'əʊ' in 'go'.

Clear 'l'. The 'l' at the end of words is clear, not vocalized. For example, in 'mill', the 'l' sound is pronounced clearly, rather than having a 'w' or 'o' quality.

T-glottalization. While this is more prevalent in some regional accents, it's becoming more common in modern RP for the 't' sound to be replaced by a glottal stop in the middle of words. For example, 'butter' might sound like 'buh-er'.

SpeechGen's British Accent Generator is your go-to solution for text to speech conversion. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and neural networks, our tool transforms your written content into natural-sounding voices. No robotic tones, just clear and crisp British English as if broadcasted by the BBC!

Whether you're creating video content, running an ad campaign, or seeking to engage with an audience familiar with British English, SpeechGen makes it straightforward. Simply input your text, let the conversion magic happen, and download your audio file.

Statistical facts

  • 380,000,000 people speak English
  • Contains about 1,000,000 words
  • UK population 69 million people

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