How to Segment Audio Files in a Single Speech Synthesis Project

, 09-11-2023

SpeechGen program voices the text as a single file. However, sometimes there's a need to divide this text into segments for easier video editing.

Video Guide

How to Do It

  1. Place the cursor where you want to split the text.
  2. Click the cut button in the menu panel.

This button inserts a special tag <cut/> into the text. You can also manually copy and paste this tag throughout the text without pressing the button.

Once you've added at least one segment, a "download segments" button will appear on the voiced file.

download segmets

Click this "download segments" button, and all the segments will start downloading to your computer or phone.

To download a specific segment, click the "more" button located at the bottom right of the audio track.

more info

Here, you'll find a list of all the segments in order, their duration, and title. The title is taken from the first few phrases of the text. This makes it easy to identify which segment corresponds to which ID-file.

The downloaded files are named for easy use. Here's an example:

Example name: 7054789_1_first-sentence

  • 7054789: This is the unique system voiceover number. It remains the same for all segments of one text.
  • 1: This is the segment's sequence number. In this case, it's the 5th segment.
  • first-sentence: This is the segment's title in transliteration.

Click here to see this test project.

Custom filenames

You can specify the file name you want via the name attribute. Specify it in this format:

<cut name="name1"/>

The output is files with the desired names. You can do it with spaces.

...<cut name="name1"/>
...<cut name="Gilderbloom_cite"/>
...<cut name="Oscar Wilde"/>
...<cut name="5-Starwars"/>

Follow the link to see how the <cut/> tag code with filename is organized.

In the screenshot the file name is underlined, after the file name the beginning of the line with a trim is shown for reference. 

cut with filenemes

If you specify a name for some phrase, the system will take the name from the beginning of the line.

You can make a <cut/> tag with the name at the end of a line or inside a paragraph after a sentence. The most important thing is that this tag must be at the end of the segment you want.

Download the Google Sheets template for fast work.

Segment Limits

For short segments, the recommended limit is 1000 segments. For texts with longer segments, the limit is up to 500. If you find empty segments, it means you've exceeded the limit for one voiceover. You'll need to reduce the number of segments, for instance, by splitting the text into two separate voiceovers.


This function can be beneficial for various professionals and enthusiasts, as it allows for easy creation, editing, and downloading of audio resources. Let's list some ideas for application.


  • Creating audiobooks divided by chapters or paragraphs.
  • Preparing audio lessons segmented by topics or subtopics.
  • Audio resources for foreign language learning divided by lessons.
  • Audio tests for students divided by questions.
  • Audio lectures segmented by topics.
  • Audio resources for distance learning.
  • Audio seminars and webinars divided into blocks.
  • Audio resources for the visually impaired.
  • Audio resources for children divided by fairy tales or stories.
  • Audio resources for exam preparation.


  • Preparing short instructions for employees.
  • presentations of products or services.
  • resources for training and seminars.
  • customer reviews.
  • interviews with experts.
  • resources for corporate training.
  • resources for employee motivation.

Media and Entertainment

  • Podcasts divided by topics or segments.
  • Audio guides for museums and tours.
  • for radio shows.
  • for theatrical performances.
  • for movies and series.
  • for sporting events.
  • for games.
  • for interactive entertainment.

Tourism and Travel

  • Audio guides for tourist routes.
  • Audio resources for airlines (safety instructions, flight information).
  • for hotels (services information, welcome messages).
  • for road trips (instructions, landmarks information).
  • for national parks.
  • for beaches and resorts.
  • for ski resorts.

Health and Medicine

  • Audio instructions for exercises.
  • for patient rehabilitation.
  • for psychotherapy.
  • for breathing exercises.


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